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Air Conditioning and Ventilation in Indoor Pool

In JOFER we start the last week of march with the air conditioning project of an indoor pool for collective use at Envía Golf, in Almería.

The aforesaid pool has a  sheet of water with aproximately 140 m² and an enclosure with a big surface. To put the pool glass into a suitable temperature, we are going to install 3 heat pumps units with a titanium interchange, with a heat power of 21.2 kw each one, in this case we are going to work with HTW. This system will have a prop with 30 solar collectors that will do an important contribution and will reduce the function time of the 3 units.

According to the air conditioning of the enclosure, to guarantee the temperature between 1 and 2ºC under the glass temperature, we have to supplement the existing installation with 4 direct expansion units of 12.50 kw of General.

According to the ventilation of the enclosure, we are going to have 2 heat recovery units for 2300 m³/h and we are going to manage their control through the CO₂ probes for not exceed in no case the 500 mg/m³ of CO₂ that the technical code establish.

Finally, to guarantee a comfortable environment and to not exceed the 65% of humidity that establish the technical code, we will have a dehumidification system.

As usual, in JOFER we strive to offer our costumers effective solutions, according to their needs and always ensuring the quality of the service that we offer.

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