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Improvements in the Pitágoras Building auditorium in the Parque Científico – Tecnológico de Almería

Since 2011 in JOFER we take care of the Pitagoras building full maintenance, PITA’s headquarters, located in Avenida de la Innovación number 15 in the Parque Científico – Tecnológico de Almería (PITA). Since the start of their activity, 7 years ago, JOFER has been the building maintenance company.

This is one of the most characteristics buildings of the province because it is a sustainable architecture project with A energy rating that we call as one of the “one-of-a-kind buildings“ that we mantain in JOFER. It is a building that has the lastest technology so it requires very specifics services and with our extensive experience we are perfectly qualified to offer.

The most recent intervention that we have done in the Pitágoras building has been in the auditorium. We have done the required improvements in the microphone system of the room, the press audio, projection system VGA and HDMI, simultaneous translation system, video camera, control room, room ilumination and of course the zonification air conditioning in the auditorium to avoid the differences between the lower and the higher area.

This auditorium has a surface of 300 metres and a maximum capacity of 237 people. Now their installations are in perfect conditions to receive all the events after this new intervention.

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