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Regular meeting with Cajamar for the full maintenance of the Empresas Participadas de Cajamar building

In january of this year, we renew the full maintenance contract that we carry out in the Empresas Participadas de Cajamar building located in the Parque Científico – Tecnológico de Almería (PITA) for 2 more years to keep going with the work that we have been doing since 2015, year in which the building was inaugurated.

For JOFER, the communication with our costumer is really important, moreover, when it is a maintenance contract. In the case of Cajamar, this communication is really important, because of the scale of the installations that we mantain.

To keep this communication fluently, we rely on the web platform. From this web platform our costumers have up-to-the-minute reports of the works done in the building and the works programmed, and they also can open work orders if there has been any incidence and make a follow-up. However, and even though that our costumers can enter into all the existed information, in JOFER we value the humane treatment, and that is why each 15 days we have a meeting and we review the installations state, the executed works and the programmed works.

Through this system, we ensure that our costumer has access with total transparency into the works in process and that, in case of punctual incidences, we can solve them as soon as possible.

As usual, from JOFER we take care to offer our costumers the best solutions and that it is why we have different maintenace services that meet the needs of all our costumers.

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