Our Company


The long journey that led Jofer to become the leading company it is today began back in 1978. Starting out as a small, family-run business repairing appliances and providing services to our customers, our company has grown thanks to our hard work and the loyalty and trust that we have earned from both individuals and truly great businesses.

In the year 2000, with the arrival of major technological changes and the second generation of family joining our staff, the decision was made to focus our business on heating, cooling and ventilation. Over time, Jofer expanded its services portfolio, eventually becoming the market-leading company it is today. It currently boasts a team of professionals specialized in installation and maintenance of a wide array of services, such as renewables, electrical, control systems, telecommunications, plumbing, and more. Jofer has a long history of experience in the sector and a firm commitment to its business philosophy: always provide the best service with the best quality, without ever forgetting the values of warm, friendly customer service that a family-owned business provides. 

In 2011, JOFER made the transition to providing and specializing in services which would make the company stand out from its competition. This is precisely when the company began to undertake turnkey projects, which offer a complete infrastructure service that includes the engineering and design of a project as well as the installation and maintenance of the facility itself. 
All of these activities have combined to forge a company with over thirty professionals in charge of managing and executing projects. These individuals adapt to the needs of our customers, provide consultation, and always seek out the best solutions. It is also their goal to respond clearly, quickly and efficiently.  

JOFER is currently entering a very important and ambitious stage; it has set new objectives and is taking steps towards growing both nationally and internationally with great expectations for the future. Nonetheless, JOFER is committed to remaining loyal to the corporate philosophy of its humble beginnings and the essence and values that its founder originally laid out and later passed on to his children. In turn, this new generation has added the modernity, innovation, research and development that have made JOFER what it is today.


Our mission is to always fulfill our customers’ needs, providing the technology, consulting and quality services requirede to earn their trust. By doing so, we can distinguish ourselves from the competition.

JOFER not only selects employees with vast experience who are dedicated to their tasks and field but also those that are in tune with our company’s values.


Our goal and challenge is to grow into an industrial services group in which our commitment to customers, our partnerships and the swiftness of our actions all harmonize to makes us a benchmark company in the sector.
Furthermore, we hope to consolidate our presence both nationally and internationally and strengthen continued growth and diversification in each one of our service sectors.


  • Quality
  • Customer service and consultation
  • Honesty
  • Commitment to results
  • Innovation
  • Quality services and products
  • Experience
  • Effort and perseverance
  • The Jofer Team

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