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Eurofred Multi-Hibrid Seminar

A few weeks ago, our CEO Jose María Fernández went to Tarragona to attend the Eurofred Multi-Hibrid seminar.

In this event we have been able to learn more about ACS heat pumps, CO₂ heat pumps for high-consumption ACS, Compact heat pumps, Split heat pumps, VRV hybrid system and Multisplithíbrido system.

ACS heat pumps are compact modules that heat the water that goes to the sanitary circuit. The heat pumps CO₂ for DHW of high consumption are intended for water heating also for sanitary circuit using CO₂ as a working fluid, with this system the performance is improved as more thermal break occurs. The compact heat pumps are intended for water heating for air conditioning or for sanitary circuit. Split heat pumps with cycle in differentiated units are also intended for air conditioning or sanitary circuit. The VRV hybrid system is capable of air conditioning with direct expansion indoor units, and at the same time heating the water for air conditioning or sanitary circuit in a special indoor unit called Aquabox. And finally, the multisplithíbrido system is responsible for air conditioning through direct expansion indoor units, heats sanitary water with a recovery system and heats water in a special indoor unit called Aquabox.

With the Aquatermic brand we reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the systems, and more importantly, we reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

We want to thank Eurofred for having invited us to this seminar that has been very useful for us to improve the service we offer to our customers and offer them this range that we consider so efficient.

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